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Smart Links plans makes life very easy for you by eliminating the confusion while selecting the right plan, and charging reasonable rates.

All Plans All Plans All Plans Terms and Conditions:
  • Installation within 2-7 days or subject to network feasibility.
  • Connection & plans availabilities are subject to our network feasibility & availability.
  • All plans are of advance monthly rental exclusive of taxes.
  • Billing Cycle starts on 1st of every month. Customer has to inform 3days before the billing cycle for deactivation/change in plans.
  • Speeds indicated are only up to our ISP node, given on best efforts basis as per TRAI guideline.
  • All CPE equipments will provide by us for connection same will be returned to us at the time of disconnection. (All equipments are under sole ownership of Sadaa Smartlinks Communication Pvt., Ltd.)
  • All plan speed measured in Kilobits per second (Kbps) or Megabit per second (Mbps), not in Kilobyte per second (KBPS) or Megabyte per second (MBPS).
  • All Plan Packs Price are exclusive of all taxes. And subject to change in future.
  • Contention ratio for scheme are set as 1:50 for home user and for business user 1:30 as per guideline set by TRAI & DOT.
  • Please also note all the Internet Browser software is measure download speed in KBPS (Kilo Byte per Second) so kindly divided your plan speed by 8 to calculate proper download speed in all browsers only.
  • Download & Upload ratio 1:3 in Home Broadband pack and 1:2 in Business Broadband pack.
  • Minimum speed availability 75% in Residential Broadband user Home pack and 90% in Business Broadband user SME pack.
  • Company reserves the right to withdraw/Suspend/Modify & Alter /Cancel/Change the tariff plan pack with any prior notice or information.
  • After free data usage, you can still download UNLIMITED with reducing speed as per plan.
  • Please make clarity on data usages and transfer calculation in every FUP Plans.
  • All plan charges will be charged in advance.
  • Subscriber needs to surrender CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) in working condition. In case of non-receipt of CPE/CPE in non-working condition the penalty will be applicable as mentioned above. Refund, if applicable will be processed within 5 working from the date of cancellation.

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